The Business Council meeting on May 17 will have two major tasks on the agenda.

Approval of the September 27, 2023 Meeting Minutes.

  1.  Election of District Officers (see below)
  2. Adoption of the Alignment Committee Report (click to download/view)
Friday evening May 17 starting at 7pm will be an ONLINE District Business Council Meeting.
You are eligible to vote at the District Council meeting if you are:
  • District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, District Public Relations Manager, District Administration Manager, District Finance Manager, Division Director, Area Director, or Immediate Past District Director.
  • Club President or Club Vice President Education
A club may designate that the President or Vice President Education cast both votes for the club.  Note that any one individual can cast no more than two club votes and no more than three total votes.
When you register for the Business Council, you can designate the District Role that gives you a vote, and up to two club votes.
You should also plan to attend (click to register in advance):


Below is the report of the District Leadership Committee

District 7

District Leadership Committee (DLC) Report

March 23, 2024

Presented by DLC Chair: Lorri Andersen  DTM, IPDD

DLC Members:

  • Division A – Tiger McAndie
  • Division B – Lindsey Batchelder
  • Division C – Lyle Schillenberg
  • Division D – David Johnson
  • Division E – Ted Takamura
  • Division F – Lisa Busenbark
  • Division G – Peter De Graff
  • Division H – Jue Shi

Following the procedures set forth in Protocol 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections, the DLC has nominated the following individuals for program year 2022-2023:

[Click on name to download/view biographical form]

  • District Director: Dave Bones
  • Program Quality Director: Gwendolyn Avington
  • Club Growth Director: Nominated (Running from the floor)
  • Division A Director: Levern Bentz
  • Division B Director: Running from the floor
  • Division C Director: Mike Long
  • Division D Director: Running from the floor
  • Division E Director:  Running from the floor
  • Division F Director:  Running from the floor
  • Division G Director: Running from the floor
  • Division H Director: Running from the floor

Please Note: Eligible floor candidates shall declare their intent to run in writing to District Director Jim Robison at Intent to run must be declared no later than May 11, 2024 (one week prior to the District Council meeting).