Visiting a Club


Find a Club with a Vibe that suits you

Find a Club

There are more than 170 Toastmasters Clubs in District 7, covering southern Washington state down to the northern California area covering about 200 miles either side of the I-5 corridor.

Toastmasters International has a handy Find a Club Tool which can help you find a club, by location, allowing you to narrow down the possibilities by specific days or times of days.

Each Club has it's own vibe.

Visiting a Club

Once you find a club you would like to visit, you may want to contact them using the information provided using the Find a Club tool to make sure that the location and the times of the meetings haven’t changed.

Most clubs welcome drop-in visitors, the exceptions may be Corporate Clubs unless you happen to work for that company.

You are more than welcome to visit multiple clubs.  You will find the each club has it’s own unique vibe.  Visit a few to find one that feels right for you.

Find a club to visit today.  Meetings are held 7 days a week, morning, noon and evenings.