LightBlueRaysGradientPNGMembers continue to submit their rewards to Toastmasters International rather than hold them until year end. So far, 280 educational awards have been submitted, an increase of nearly 8% over last year. When awards are submitted, both the member and their club benefit. The member receives the recognition they so richly deserve from Toastmasters International and the club members benefit by participating in member recognition ceremonies, inspiring them to work towards their own successes. Clubs can also count member achievements towards completing their distinguished club goals.

To keep the momentum going, all members who submit an advanced communication or advanced leader award to Toastmasters International during December or January will earn a new manual or Toastmasters pin of their choice. Last year, 44 advanced awards were submitted during December and January. Can we increase that number by 8% this year for the same time period? I believe we can – DON’T YOU?