Apr 19 2024


Arrive at 9:30am
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Community Safety Conference

Toastmasters International (TI) District 7, with the support of the Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP) administration, is holding an educational conference at the OSP on Friday, April 19, 2024. The Conference will be comprised of up to 100 individuals representing a cross-section of key leaders in the community.

The District 7 Mission is to build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence. This includes our prison clubs. We have seen how TI helps individuals change their lives for the better, and how TI clubs in prisons are a major component in reducing recidivism – incarcerated Toastmasters who reenter society and remain with Toastmasters have a greater chance at success.

This conference will be an opportunity for the TI District 7 leadership to recognize the example that Capital Toastmasters (CT) is setting for all prison clubs and Toastmasters in being leaders in the community. This conference will demonstrate how CT uses their experience to build a platform for the exchange of ideas between Toastmaster’s and non-Toastmaster’s leaders on the topic of crime and harm in the State of Oregon.

TI’s mission is to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. Thus, we believe that we have a societal obligation to bring leaders together who are impacted by crime and hold a multitude of different political views and philosophies. We All Have A Stake In Healing. The purpose of this conference is to hold a forum to build shared and preferred narratives which can be used as a foundation for an action agenda.

The objectives of this conference are:

  • Develop working relationships between Adults-In-Custody (AIC’s) and community leaders in promoting the reduction of crime and violence.
  • Enhance the awareness of the circumstances by which crimes occur, identifying behaviors and attitudes that predispose individuals to commit criminal acts.
  • Develop prevention / intervention treatment and training strategies aimed at reducing youth crime and violence.
  • Explore and develop meaningful ways in which transformed AIC’s can make meaningful contributions to outside communities.
  • Increase access to peer mentors and credible messengers.
  • Implement a legislative directive that encourages the Oregon Department of Corrections to focus on making reparations for harms committed.


The leadership guest list is a collection of lawmakers, academia, victim advocates, criminal justice representatives, and Toastmaster’s leaders. They will come together to communicate concepts, preferred narratives, and proposed solutions through the following workshops:

  • Beyond Rehabilitation: Transforming Justice
  • Survivors of Harm
  • Credible Messengers


TIME:   10 – 2 PM
        Arrive at OSP – 9:30 AM or earlier
        Start Event – 10 AM
        End Event – 2 PM

If you’d like more information about the 2024 Toastmasters International District 7 Community Safety Conference, contact the Capital Toastmasters Club at, with Capital Toastmasters in the subject line; or Jim Robison, District Director, at

NOTE:  This event will be held inside the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem.  We are working on gaining approval to allow this event to be conducted live online for participants to attend via Zoom.  Due to limited capacity for outside guests, in person participation will be by invitation only.  If you would like to be considered to attend this event in person please complete this survey by March 1:

Click here to download the survey.

When completing the survey, enter in the “Occupation” field any role you hold (paid or volunteer) that is relevant this event.

[This form is an Adobe Acrobat PDF which includes a Submit button for emailing the completed form.  If you are not able to use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to submit this form, or do not wish to grant access for the form to create the email, then you may attach the completed form in an email to and with the subject “Form Returned: TMD7-Community-Safety-Conf-Survey-2.7.24.pdf”.]

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