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Reflecting on the Spring Conference – Communicate Oregon
After each contest, Rose Wellman, our District Governor would challenge herself by quickly writing a mini speach that encapsulated all the speeches she just heard. Her final challenge at the International Speech Contest, using each speech title, was a perfect farewell as she took the stage one last time as District Governor.

“I was driving towards my dream, then one day I realized I was going in the wrong direction.
So I listened to an old friend and made a choice. I joined Toastmasters.

I didn’t set out to make a legacy or become a hero.
I do hope though I said a positive word that sticks.

So as I become accustomed to getting laid off from my job as District Governor.
I shall reflect back through my own portals of discovery and say to myself, “Rose, carry on.”

Rose Wellman, DTM
District Governor

Congratulations – D7 Toastmasters

International Speech Contest
  • 1st    Ronda Holdridge
  • 2nd   Brian Paxton
  • 3rd   Tahseen Mohammad
Evaluation Contest – Model Speaker: Kannan Ramkumar
  • 1st   Susan Bender Phelps
  • 2nd  Shaun McCrea
  • 3rd   Ann Malcolm

Thank you to our Keynote Speaker, Mike Barsul, all of the conference presenters and Toastmasters for the day; David Jamieson, Syrena Glade (Evaluation Contest) and Eric Winger (International Speech Contest). In addition, Chief Judge, Erik Bergman and Contest Coordinator, Alexis Mason helped to ensure the contests ran smoothly and were in compliance with Toastmaster International’s rules and regulations. Last, but never least, thank you to the D7 conference committee and all of the D7 members that volunteered their time and talents to make the conference a memorable and successful event.

International Speech Contestants
Bruce Rottnik, “Your Legacy”
Tahseen Mohammad, “A True Hero”
John Contreras, “Choices”
Chris Wright, “Driving Towards My Dream”
Don White, “Listening to Old Friends”
Brian Paxton, “When Words Stick”
Jack Standeven, ” Get Laid Off and Start Living Your Life”
Ronda Holdridge, “Carry On”
Steve Papp, “Portals of Discovery”

Save the Date
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Division and Area Governor training will be held at Wilsonville High School, Wilsonville on June 22nd. Governors please make sure you can attend this training.

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1+1 Campaign
The 1+1 campaign is a membership-building program designed by International President John Lau to help grow and strengthen our great organization – one member at a time. Find out how to get recognized and be a part of this effort.

D7’s 2012-2013 Triple Crown Awards
The Triple Crown award recognizes individual Toastmasters who have completed at least three different educational awards [CC, ACB, ACS, ACG, CL, ALB, ALS, DTM] during the Toastmasters year (July 1 – June 30).

D7’s 2012-2013 Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Awards
Congratulations to all 2012-13 recipients of the Distinguished Toastmaster Award. The Distinguished Toastmaster award is the highest our organization bestows and it recognizes both communication and leadership skills.