DTM PinLast year, 530 members in District 7 Toastmasters earned one or more education awards.  This year, I want to see every member achieve at least one educational award if they have been a member for 12 months or more.

Lt. Governor of Education and Training Phyllis Harmon has great incentives coming out soon to encourage you to complete and submit your awards. I want to sweeten the pot.  Throughout the year I will offer special incentives to members for succeeding in the education program.  This is just a bit of extra recognition and reward for members to celebrate their growth.

CCPinWhy am I so interested in as many of our members as possible being recognized?  It’s because I believe that our educational system is the best way for members to grow as leaders and communicators.  Members who are growing and reaching their personal goals are more likely to share Toastmasters with friends.  Finally, members who are reaching their goals are more likely to stay in the program to continue their growth.

How do you hear about the programs?  Watch the blog and the eNews for announcements. I’ll post every time there is a challenge and post the winners at the end of each special incentive.

Scott Alexander

District Governor

District 7 STAFF 2013-2014