Finding new leads is the first step towards starting new clubs. Where do you find new club leads? The answers may be all around you. You can find leads at work, in your community, among friends, and even with your family.

Of the 13,500 clubs around the world, more than half are sponsored by businesses or organizations. Your employer might be the next club sponsor! Check with your HR Department. If HR is not interested, don’t give up. Try talking with your Marketing, Sales, or Customer Service Departments. If you sense an interest, immediately inform our New Club Leads Chair Rodger Cook at and myself.

Your local community college is another good lead. So is your church or place of worship. Retirement or senior centers are also excellent leads. Other possible leads are large government offices (e.g., Veteran Affairs) and military establishments. Your local YMCA is a potential lead for starting a community club. Remember that Dr. Smedley started Toastmasters in the basement of a YMCA in Santa Ana, California.

In addition to the lead’s complete name (correctly spelled, please!) and contact details, provide as much background information as you can. For example, if you know that your HR Director used to be a Toastmaster in her university days or the VA Administrator is not from the area, mention this information when you forward the lead to us.

And of course, do remain involved until a new club is chartered. Not only will you have the pleasure of helping to start a new club but you’ll also earn D7 Rewards points that you can use at the D7 store.

Start looking around with an eye to spot possible club leads. When you are on the alert, you will find them more readily. Happy searching!