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Make it Matter

Nov 6-7, 2015

Friday November 6th

Join us at 6:30 PM at the Oregon Medical Association (11782 SW 68th Ave, Portland OR) for hor d’oeurves and networking followed by a presentation by Ryan Avery.

Saturday November 7th

Join us starting at 7 AM at Warner Pacific College (2219 SE 68th Ave, Portland) for a full day of fun and learning.  Ryan Avery will be kicking off the day with his not to be missed keynote speech.  A great selection of workshops are available as well as the Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests.

Ryan Avery

Ryan Avery

2012 World Champion Public Speaking


Ryan Avery - Friday Night

Speak Up: Communication Strategies Every Leader Must Understand in Today’s Hyper-communicated World

Training Description: Among the top skills to be an effective leader is his or her ability to communicate! You can be smart, charming and the best in your industry but if you can’t get your ideas across to others, your other skills don’t matter. In this interactive session, let Ryan Avery, the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history, teach you communication strategies that will get people to take action in today’s hyper-communicated world!

Educational Objectives and/or Takeaways:

Objective 1: How to develop and deliver pertinent information to stakeholders (staff, members, legislators, media, and public)

Objective 2: How to guide and influence others to enlist their support and take action after listening to you speak

Objective 3: How to develop speaking and presentation strategies that build confidence and reduce stress

Ryan Avery - Saturday Keynote

Real Leaders Are Really Speakers: Communications Strategies All Leaders Should Know, But Most Don’t

Keynote Description: Simon Sinek says the only thing you need to be a leader is followers! Well, no one will follow you if you don’t know how to motivate, inspire and convince them by using the power of your worlds and actions! When you are an amazing speaker you become an amazing leader. If you plan to be an average speaker you will unfortunately have limited leadership abilities.  When you become a better speaker, you become a stronger leader because authentic speakers know their audience, stand with confidence and share their failures. Speakers offer solutions, speak up when it is difficult and they know how to pick the right time and right place to deliver their message for maximum impact! Speakers know how to motivate, inspire and get people to take action! Learn what it takes to develop your speaking skills and watch your leadership abilities flourish and thrive!

Educational Objectives and/or Takeaways:

Objective 1: Find ways to motivate individuals, customers and team members with diverse backgrounds

Objective 2: Substantially reduce delays and waste by limiting miscommunication

Objective 3: Avoid the biggest mistakes leaders make when speaking and motivating others

James Wantz

James Wantz

Introduction To Linear Stage Psychology 101: How To Use Movement To Make Your Presentation More Dynamic

With a background in theatre and several years in Toastmasters, James Wantz has the skills to help speakers more effectively use the speaking area to get their message across.

Have you watched a presenter that kept you enthralled and asked yourself, ‘how do they do that?’ Have you ever wanted to use the speaking area more effectively? Do you have problems deciding what to do with your feet while speaking? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this presentation is for you!

When you use the stage more effectively you will feel more confident, you will engage your audience, and you will insure that your material will be remembered.

Presentation attendees will learn;
1. How a Timeline can help organize speech content and aid presentation,
2. How unconscious body movements erode your audience’s confidence in you as a speaker,
3. Why you want to use some parts of the stage more than others.

Glen Anderson

Glen Anderson

Creating Differentiation Through Your Message

Glen Anderson is the Founder & President of CGR Holdings Inc. A veteran of three startups and a highly sought after speaker, Glen has 23 years of leadership experience in Event Planning & Hospitality.

Is the intimidating task of speech writing and rehearsing keeping you from becoming the speaker you desire to be?  Ignite your unconscious talent and differentiate yourself from the crowd…fast! This workshop will provide you with plenty of contrarian ideas and the tools to deliver a powerful entertaining speech every week!

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Pixar Pitch – easy and fast method to develop your story
  2. Mind Maps – right brain & key words, not sentences
  3. Undisciplined Practice – what stand up comedians understand that speakers don’t
Jason Leon

Jason Leon

The Best Investment

Jason has been a Business Consultant for 5. His personal Mission Statement is: To help others be happier, healthier, wealthier and more successful!”

The Level of Leadership you reach in the 21st Century is based on how well you invest in yourself! This session will cover 3 of the main ways you can invest in yourself:
1) Mental Investment. Reading and applying the right books.
2) Physical Investment. Exercising and eating to support energy, vitality and positivity!
3) Spiritual Investment. Investing in this area is done by giving to others, building character and learning how to love people.

1) The Audience will be reminded WHY investing in themselves is one of the best investments they can make!
2) The Audience will see how the Health of each part of their being affects all other areas. Weaknesses in one area lead to weakness in others.
3) The Audience will learn How to invest in themselves in simple and beneficial ways that leads to more happiness, health, wealth and success in their lives!

Yaswanth Rangineni

Yaswanth Rangineni

Effective Time Management: Organize and Execute around Priorities

An engineer by profession , an ardent learner at heart and an aspiring Social entrepreneur.

There’s so much to do and there is never enough time. You might have taken a time management class in the past or read about it in books, and tried to use some planner to organize, prioritize and schedule your day. But, are you feeling too scheduled or too restricted by practicing time management? Attend this session to find out what the real time management means. Time management is not filling up every minute with a tedious list of A-B-C prioritized tasks. It’s about developing a habit so that you could accomplish results, meet your emotional needs, develop rich relationships & enjoy spontaneous moments now and often.

1. Basic requirements for managing Commitments
2. Do-Delegate-Defer method
3. Focusing on important but non-urgent tasks

Eric Winger

Eric Winger

Beyond the Sandwich: The Five W's of Effective Evaluation

Eric Winger has twice won district speaking contests in humorous speech and evaluation. 
He is a speech coach, past president of Feedbackers, and a coach at Future Stars – a youth speaking club.

The Sandwich method of evaluation is a sturdy, dependable way to give feedback. Say something positive, then offer a suggestion for improvement, then say something positive.

But what if just giving a nice evaluation isn’t enough? What if you really want to help people become better speakers? What if you want to be able to help people no matter what skill they are trying to learn? Wouldn’t that be a marketable skill?

This session will teach you a different way to structure your evaluations so that they are:

* More motivational
* More specific
* More immediately useful to the speaker
* More relevant beyond Toastmasters

1. Learn Eric’s Five W’s of Effective Evaluation.
2. Create evaluations that are more specific and motivational
3. Discover secrets of evaluation that the pros use.
4. Better structure your evaluations to improve your chances in the evaluation contest.

Tara Rolstad

Tara Rolstad

Strategic Humor in Speaking: Use It Safely and Save Lives (or at Least Presentations)

Tara Rolstad is a speaker, comedian and co-author of the book “No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh: Mental Illness and Stand-Up Comedy: Transforming Lives.”

Join this session to learn how to strategically use humor to improve the effectiveness and the impact of your presentations. We all know that a speaker who is funny can achieve significantly more impact than one who isn’t, but comedy used incorrectly can be a danger to yourself and others. Don’t be a danger, come learn about wielding humor responsibly. All levels of funny are welcome.

Participants will learn:
– the specific benefits of humor in learning and behavioral change,
– to consider their own best “funny”, and
– to analyze humor in action
– to create and practice safe use of humor

Chelsea Avery

Chelsea Avery

The Power of Partnership

Chelsea Avery, MSW is the founder of The New Wifestyle, an online community empowering women. She also runs multiple speaking and consulting businesses with her husband and other partners.

What BIG things can happen when two people come together to accomplish a common goal? Can you win the World Championship? Break World Records? Start a company? Fall (and stay) in love?

Chelsea Avery will share strategies and insights to help you get and grow your partnerships so you can work to accomplish your next BIG dream, personally and professionally! She will share information about the partnership she and her husband developed while training him on becoming the World Championship of Public Speaking, insight into becoming business partners and life partners as well as how to be build better relationships throughout your life!

– How to build a strong foundation that will lead to a solid partnership
– Insights into training for the World Championship and building multiple public speaking businesses
– Strategies that will improve how you communicate with others and yourself
– Tangible ways to enhance the partnerships you currently have, personally and professionally

Oregon Medical Association

Warner Pacific College

Saturday November 7th

Warner Pacific College


Ramada Inn - Portland East

Friday Evening

Fridays event will be held at the Oregon Medical Association

11782 SW 68th Ave, Portland OR




Ramada Inn East.

We have a block of 15 rooms double bed rooms for the night of November 6, 2015.
The rooms are held under the name “Toastmasters”
The room block is in effect until October 6, 2015
Room rate is $69 + tax = $79.01
Rate includes buffet breakfast (we want them to eat the hot meal at the conference!), wireless internet, hot tub,
exercise room, local calls, and free parking.
Ramada Portland East (I-205)
9707 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR 97216
Reservations: 503-252-7400


Warner Pacific College


2219 SE 68th Ave
Portland OR



























Group Events

Networking & Breakfast

Opening Comments

Keynote – Ryan Avery




Table Topics Contest

DTM Ceremony


1:00pm -2:10pm
Business Meeting




Humorous Speech Contest


Workshops: 9:30 - 10:30 AM

McGuire Auditorium
“Stop Being a Leader”
Ryan Avery

Toastmasters 201
Effective Time Management: Organize and Execute around Priorities
Yaswanth Rangineni

McGuire Theatre
Toastmasters 101
Introduction to Linear Stage Psychology 101
James Wantz

Rehearsal Hall
Personal Enrichment
Strategic Humor in Speaking: Use It Safely and Save Lives
Tara Rolstad

Workshops: 2:30 - 3:30 pm

McGuire Auditorium
Creating Differentiation Through Your Message
Glen Anderson

Toastmasters 201
The Power of Partnerships
Chelsea Avery

McGuire Theatre
Toastmasters 101
Beyond the Sandwich:
The Five W’s of Effective Evaluation
Eric Winger

Rehearsal Hall
Personal Enrichment
The Best Investment
Jason Leon