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Emilly Taylor, DTM - Immediate Past District Director

      you commit fully, there is no halfway through  moment.
      jumping off the diving board. Once you have
      taken the step, bounce, and are now over open  M - Motivation. Intrinsic motivation, that you
      water, the halfway approach will end in a belly  want this for the right reasons, and not for

      flop or worse wih your swimwear around your  shallow purposes. What is it that brings you joy
      neck. Better once committed to see it through  and self fulfilment? Bring that to table topics and
      for that 10-point landing and the cheering fans!        to the word of the day. Bring your passionate
                                                              expressions, feelings, and ideas to your next

      E  – Engagement/Encouragement. Yes, you  speech and meeting!
      have to be engaged in the concept that a team
      will carry you through. It takes a team to run  W – Willingness. Are you willing to work and
      club meetings. Your encouragement and support  honestly see why your thinking is getting in the

      lift the team as a whole. We never know what  way? Are you willing to allow others to work on
      engaging the shy person and encouraging those  their own issues—even if it cramps your style?
      that are learning of their own potential are  Are you willing to see things through no mater
      going through. But being there, engaging and  how difficult it may become? Remember, night

      encouraging. is more than enough!                       comes before dawn. It’s okay to struggle knowing
                                                              that you are not alone and you have the backing
      A – Ardency. Wholehearted engagement  of your team. The willing and humble child
      involves passion and enthusiasm. Have you ever  gleans the most, learns the most, and becomes

      noticed that when you are half-hearted it takes  the most in the process of willingness.
      more energy? Half-hearted, we have to focus on
      making excuses versus that feeling of satisfaction  O – Optimism. It’s been an accepted truism
      experience when we did all that we could in the  that being positive prolongs your life and makes

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