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                                                         Work on Club Success Plan

                                      Open House

      plans for your online club, how do you make                Oftentimes the Moments of Truth may need
      guests feel comfortable, and how will you capture  to go to the second meeting so spend the time

      their email address and contact information?           you need to really be honest and completely go
         Another important discussion is your  through the material. Don’t delay, soon it will
      membership program. In our face to face  be August and we need to be implementing our
      meetings, we have membership packets and  new plans!

      written information. In an online meeting,
      you can have a Word Document with live
      links that hold your website, club officers and
      responsibilities along with their names and

      emails, how and when dues are collected, our
      education program, and attachments with new
      membership information.

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