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       you happier. I am positive this is true! The same  whiners and complainers. If they can freely share

       can be said about being optimistic—about the  whining and complaining, the denominations of
       possible growth that can come because you  kindness are a hundred fold of the chump change
       allow yourself to look at situations with rose-  we get or give from whining and complaining.
       colored glasses. Always believe that your team  You know what I mean. But even whiners and

       members are there with the best intentions in  complainers allow you to practice grace. There
       every interaction To believe otherwise only  is a song about that!
       creates unnecessary baggage. It is also good for          Let me tell you a quick story. I was in a club
       the immune system! See the outcome as you wish  meeting two months ago. The evaluator was very

       it to be. Get out of your own way, and you will be  harsh in her evaluation. She said that since the
       surprised at the results you had not planned for!   speaker had been in Toastmasters for 10 years,
                                                              she would evaluate him differently than if he
       R – Recognition. How often are you recognized  had only been a member for 6 months. Even

       for your contributions? Hardly ever? Never? Be  before I heard the evaluation, I knew in my heart
       that Toastmaster who says “Well done,” “That  that it was going to be far from being kind and
       was excellent,” “Thank you,” “I appreciate what  uplifting. What if the speaker just lost a relative
       you did.” Recognizing someone, however tiny  or spouse and was giving a speech despite the

       their contribution may be from your perspective,  heavy laden heart. There is a helluvalot of what
       allows the other person validation and  is wrong out there. (Watch the news and get out
       acknowledgement in a society that oftentimes  your Tums.) What about what is right?  Sure there
       ignores us all. Remember recognition and  are things that can be honed and sharpened

       love are free gifts we can give. They enrich the  while evaluating. Remember that we are little
       receiver and giver and the witnesses of such  children inside and have tender hearts. Evaluate
       kindness. Which leads to . . .                         the four- year-old child with love and sparkle
                                                              in your eye. You will do wonders for you, them,

       K – Kindness. It’s not hard to be kind. Find  and the team or club.
       something good about someone no matter how                Holey Moley, it is nearly a month since I
       tough it is. Use that imagination of yours! I have  passed the gavel to the new District Director, and
       to work on this concept particularly closely with  my spirit of hope, uplift and joy for Toastmasters

                                                              remains undiminished. Love to you all.

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