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       After member questions are answered, and a  have access to training as much or as little as you

       comprehensive training program is implemented  choose, and you are sure to grow.
       throughout the District, we anticipate seeing full        Grief is a process. For those who are
       adoption and acceptance of Pathways.                  still working to adjust to Pathways, it is
           Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools  okay. Know that the Pathways team is

       we have at our disposal to help members accept  here to help you in any way possible.
       the new program. One of our most significant  Likewise, those of you who have successfully
       responsibilities is to guide members towards  learned the Pathways basics or reached mastery
       acceptance by assisting them in understanding  in Pathways, please reach out to help either as

       how their growth will be accelerated after they  a trainer on the District committee or as a club
       become immersed in the program.                       VPP.
           As of June 1st, 2019, the Toastmasters                There will be challenges ahead to become
       International acceptance report showed that  comfortable with Pathways. Still, we are all on

       District 7’s Pathways adoption rate ranged from  this journey together and will rise to the occasion
       33-93%. The targeted adoption goal for District  of acceptance in Pathways.
       7 is 100%.                                                Dr. Gwendolyn Avington joined New Horizons
           Eldred and I will be listening carefully  Toastmasters in May 2019. She is serving as the Club

       to Pathways concerns, delivering training  VP Education. You can reach her at dr.gwendolyn.
       targeted at member concerns, and creating a
       safe and productive learning environment for
       all members.                                          References

           The best approach to assisting members                Belyh, A. (2019). Understanding the Kubler-
       and clubs with specific Pathways questions and  Ross change curve
       concerns is to use the VPPs as club champions.            Cavanaugh, J. C. and Blanchard-Field, F.
       VPPs will work with club members to answer  (2015). Adult development and aging (7th ed.).

       questions and ease frustrations through targeted  Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.
       Pathways training. The VPP can request a small            District 7 Pathways adoption rate chart
       group training session or ask if a specific topic  (2019). Toastmasters International.
       can be addressed in upcoming webinars.                    Mindtools (2020). The change curve:

           Pathways training will not be a ‘one size fits  accelerating change and increasing its
       all’ process. However, we do want members to  likelihood of success.
       get the same training in the basic functionality          Toastmasters International Europe (2012).
       of the program.                                       Knowledge Base History and Background.

           As you learn how to navigate Pathways, keep  Toastmasters International (2018).
       an open mind, and a willingness to learn this  Toastmasters modernizes its education
       new and modern educational program. You will  program with pathways.

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