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to working with Lyle and his team to schedule           to present, please contact Leanna and me to let
     an awesome conference for all of you. We will           us know.
     keep you updated as our plans evolve.
                                                                              OnPoint Webinars
     What’s Next?                                                This webinar series is geared more for all our

        Having a team together is crucial to success as      club members, whether you’re a club officer or
     a Trio leader, but it’s not the only key to success.    not. The schedule is more ad hoc, and the subject
     We also have to develop training programs that          matter more “to be determined.” We completed

     benefit you as Toastmasters and as club officers.       our first OnPoint webinar this past Monday,  July
     Please allow me to introduce two of these               13, with James Wantz’s presentation Pathways
     programs to you.                                        for Busy People. You can watch the replay by
                                                             clicking here. Leanna, Gwendolyn, and I will
             Wednesday’s Wonderful Webinars                  work together to craft more helpful content for

        This series, intended for club leaders, will         you as the year progresses. Both the Wednesday’s
     run on the first Wednesday of every month.              Wonderful Webinars and OnPoint Webinars can
     We started on the very first day of the program         be found on the District 7 Event Calendar.

     year with Beth Pinchot’s presentation Start the             Now I’ve introduced my team to you and
     Year Strong. You can watch the replay by clicking       shared with you a couple of education and
     here. Our next webinar in this series will be at 7      training programs my team has worked up for
     pm on August 5th with me presenting one hour            the year. Take advantage of the opportunities

     of material on how to Create a Club Success Plan        presented this year.
     That Works. Leanna and I have the subject matter
     and experts lined up for most of our subsequent                  START THE YEAR STRONG!
     webinars, but if you have a topic you would like

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