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      Year Two: Start the Year Strong

      Eldred Brown, DTM - Club Growth Director

      Whew! I survived my first year on the Trio! Now          and I connected via James Wantz, our D7
      it’s time to look ahead to my vision and goals for       Pathways Guru and Gwendolyn’s mentor at New
      Year 2, my year as the District 7 Program Quality        Horizons Toastmasters Club. Though relatively
      Director (PQD). What can I do for you and your           new to Toastmasters, Dr. Avington has years of

      clubs this year? My vision, goals, and proposed          experience as a clinical lab manager and teacher/
      incentives for 2020-2021 are noted in the cover          trainer. Dr. Avington has a rich vision for what
      article, so let me share a more general overview.        she wants to accomplish in helping every club
      I will start by introducing my team.                     achieve 100% Pathways adoption and make

                                                               the Pathways program easily understood by
      Education & Training Coordinator                         all. To this end, Dr. Avington will lead a team

      Leanna Lindquist, DTM, PDD                               of Pathways delegates from each Division to
          Leanna is no stranger to District leadership.        support our new VPs of Pathways and facilitate

      In addition to serving full years in all three Trio      the sharing of best practices among themselves.
      positions, Leanna has also served in numerous
      other roles within District 7. She brings a wealth       Conference Chair
      of knowledge and wisdom to her role and has              Lyle Schellenberg, DTM

      been my mentor through my one year plus                      One of our newest DTMs, Lyle has years of
      of service on the Trio. Through her work, we             experience in district leadership as an Area and
      have already booked a whole year of training             Division Director. Lyle has always impressed
      webinars, which I will explain later. Working            me as a go-getter who can translate my vision

      with me, Leanna will also be responsible for             and direction into a detailed plan of action. His
      coordinating the details of our upcoming TLI’s in        sense of humor also makes working with him a
      December and next June and for coordinating the          pleasant experience. Through the work of his
      educational speakers at our spring conference.           team, we already have a venue and date reserved

                                                               for our conference. This reservation does assume,
      Pathways Chair                                           however, that Covid-inspired physical distancing

      Gwendolyn Avington, DHA, IP3                             orders will be lifted enough by April to allow us
          Dr. Avington (Doctor of Health Administration)       to run a big conference in person. I look forward

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