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       skills and knowledge of District 7 to be successful,   goal, I plan to offer a reward to those clubs who
       so I figured he must have known what he was            run the complete Moments of Truth module by
       talking about when he nudged me forward.               September 30, and another reward to those clubs

       The experience I gained as an Area Governor            who submit a complete Club Success Plan to their
       opened the door of District leadership to me           Area Directors by September 30. I also plan to
       and let me know that I could be successful as a        work with PJ and Lorri to run the Distinguished
       District Leader.                                       by December program again after the success last

                                                              year’s Trio had with it. Look also for incentives
       What is your vision for the District as  to be officially recognized as a Distinguished

       the Program Quality Director during  Club on April 1 and for 100% Pathways adoption.
          I want to see at least 75% of our clubs achieve  Lorri Andersen, DTM

       at least 5 of the goals of the Distinguished Club
       program and put themselves in an excellent  Why did you join Toastmasters?

       position to be Distinguished. To this end, I am  I first joined Toastmasters in 1996. I was confiding
       offering monthly, ongoing web-based training  in a friend about a work situation and she
       in addition to our mandatory, twice-a-year club  challenged me to work on speaking in front of

       officer training. You will recognize this monthly  others without turning red and stumbling over
       training as Wednesday’s Wonderful Webinars.  my words! I didn’t like how the conversation
       I am also strengthening the district’s support  turned out but it was the truth and I knew she
       for Pathways adoption through a Pathways  was right. There was a corporate club at my

       Committee chaired by Dr.
       Gwendolyn Avington and
       the introduction of the
       Vice President of Pathways

       program within each club.

       What incentives and
       recognition are you
       planning for the year?

          My first big goal is to
       motivate clubs in District
       7 to start the year strong. I

       believe in the Distinguished
       Club Program, the Moments
       of Truth, and the Club
       Success Plan. To reach this

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