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Meet the District 7 Trio

       Phyllis Harmon, DTM

                                                         PJ Kleffner, DTM - District Director

             Meet District 7’s newly                     Why did you join Toastmasters?

             elected Trio — PJ Kleffner,                    I joined the Silicon Forest Toastmasters Club

             DTM - District Director,                    in October, 2001 because I was looking for an

             Eldred Brown, DTM -                         audience. My job, up to that point, ranged from
                                                         making one-on-one sales calls to delivering
             Program Quality Director,
                                                         presentations on emerging technologies to 300
             and Lorri Andersen, DTM                     people at trade shows.

             - Club Quality Director —                      A major company reorganization changed all

             as they answer questions                    that and left me sitting behind a desk answering
             posed by the editor.                        emails. I didn’t really think of it as public
                                                         speaking, but I realized that I missed it. One day
                                                         on my way to lunch, I saw a flyer on the bulletin

                                                         board soliciting members for the Toastmasters
                                                         club (Yes, advertising DOES work!). My first
                                                         thought was, “I bet they will let me speak there.”
                                                         They did, and the rest is history.

                                                         What has been your greatest Aha! Moment

                                                         in your Toastmasters journey so far? Why?
                                                            My first Aha! Moment was learning how

                                                         to listen more effectively, which is a common
                                                         experience that many of us have when we join
                                                         Toastmasters. As I quickly transitioned into
                                                         leadership roles, I also learned that I was not

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