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New Beginnings

      Phyllis Harmon, DTM

          Welcome to the start of another Toastmasters year. 2019-20

      is behind us except for locking the door. My foot is on the
      starting line ready to push off and race into the new year. Now
      is the time to plan what I want to accomplish in the 365 days
      ahead. Whether it’s reinventing myself (a project I started last

      year), learning new skills in Pathways, or applying what I learn, now is the time
      to begin a new chapter in the ongoing saga of life. I am ready—bring it on!
           Covid-19 restrictions are still with us, making me think how I plan to
      cope with shutdowns, facemasks, and social distancing. Who knew those

      three terms would become commonplace in my vocabulary! The web is full
      of promotions for facemasks and personal protective equipment (PPE) which
      I race past unwilling to stock up for a pandemic I’m confident will die out
      before year’s end. (Now that is wishful thinking!) I listened to a radio discussion

      yesterday on the dangers of using too much hand sanitizer. I would never
      have paid attention to the topic before the shutdown last March!
          Speaking of learning new skills, becoming a competent Zoomer is high                       EDITORIAL
      on my list. It takes special concentration (at least on my part) to conquer my

      inability to assign people to Zoom rooms or video share. I’m pretty sure
      my fumblings during meetings will be hilarious memories miles and miles
      down the road!
          What I wish for all of us is that we flourish in the new year under the

      guidance of our District Trio, that our indomitable spirit of community
      thrives regardless of the boulders strewn in our path, and that we find the
      time to connect virtually across the globe. No matter
      who we are or wish to be, in our hearts and souls we

      are Toastmasters. And that says it all.

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