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get started in Pathways we are
      implementing a new officer
      role called the Vice President

      of Pathways. This person will
      be the primary resource for
      Club members who have
      questions and need help

      getting started in Pathways.
      You will hear more about this
      from Eldred Brown, our D7
      Program Quality Director.

      What incentives and

      recognition are you
      planning for the year?

          As the new Trio develops
                                                              recently been laid off and started attending
      our plans for the year, I have shared with them
                                                              meetings of Cleon’s Friday afternoon Job Finders
      my strategy that has helped my home Club be
                                                              Support Group. Cleon recommended that I try
      President’s Distinguished for the past 15 years
                                                              Toastmasters as a way to improve my ability to
      in a row – plan to complete the Distinguished
                                                              present myself well in the job interview. After
      Club Program goals by April 1st. If you make
                                                              trying three different Monday night clubs,
      it, great! If not, that leaves all of April, May and
                                                              I joined the At the River’s Edge Club near
      June to figure out how to fix it. With that in
                                                              downtown Portland. Though the club was small,
      mind, we plan to “front-load” the incentives to
                                                              I was impressed by the quality of speakers there,
      encourage Clubs to plan and implement their
                                                              the way they invited me to come back for the next
      programs early in the year. We are also talking
                                                              meeting, and frequent speaking opportunities.
      about incentives at all levels, including Area and

      Division Directors, to encourage them to be
                                                              What has been your greatest Aha! Moment
      proactive in helping their Clubs be successful.
                                                              in your Toastmasters journey so far? Why?
      At the end of the year, we want everyone to be
                                                                  There have been a lot of Aha! Moments
      rewarded and feel good about everything they
                                                              in my Toastmasters journey, but the first big
                                                              one is still the one I remember most. This was
      Eldred Brown, DTM                                       when Jerry Kleffner suggested that I should put
                                                              myself forward to serve as an Area Governor.

                                                              An experienced Toastmasters leader—Jerry had
      Why did you join Toastmasters?
                                                              recently finished his term as Downtown Division
          I joined Toastmasters in May of 2009. I had
                                                              Governor—saw that I had the budding leadership

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