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to advance your communication and  Hobbies? What do you do for fun?
      leadership skills over the years?                               Dave and I live in a retirement community
          Nothing I am doing now would have been              in Vancouver, WA, in a cottage on the premises of
      possible without Toastmasters and the safe              an independent senior community. It’s perfect for
      environment I experienced while I was working           us, since it has a little space where I can garden
      on “getting over myself”. I now identify as             without knocking myself out.
      a professional speaker, author, professional                    We are still learning something every
      storyteller, business coach and most recently an        year. This year we are going to be exploring
      Uber driver.                                            northeastern Oregon in July, visiting the Wallowa
                                                              Wilderness area around Joseph, Lostine and that
      What do you look for when evaluating                    part of the state.
      a speech?                                                       As far as favorite foods go, I can’t think of
          Evaluating a speech during a club meeting           anything I would not eat, but my favorites are
      and evaluating in a contest setting are vastly          whatever just came into season.
      different. In a club meeting, depending upon the                I love to read and write. I enjoy my clarinet
      skill level and experience of the speaker, one or       which was one of those new somethings years
      two practical suggestions that can be applied to        ago. I like to sing, too. My personal new learning
      the next project feels about right. Overwhelming        for this year is knitting. I’m really excited about
      someone with a laundry list of suggestions is not       that. Life is fun and if it isn’t, my mom would say
      effective. In a contest setting, in which 30% of the    I’m not doing it right.
      possible points are based on recommendations,
      I do offer more.

      How do you decide what elements to
      include in your evaluation?
          There is a big difference between observa-
      tions and recommendations. Merely pointing
      out to someone that they tended to meander, for
      example, is not a recommendation and would
      be worth 0 points on a judging form. Following
      up the observation with a recommendation and
      perhaps even modeling more effective use of
      the space is better, worth some points, and more
      helpful to the speaker.

      Could you give our readers one or two
      tips about competing in an evaluation
          I think the most important element of any
      evaluation, whether it is at a club meeting or
      in a contest, is affirming what the speaker does            Don’t forget to
      well. Appreciation for a job well done, along with
      something practical for the speaker to add to their         elect 2017-2018
      personal tool box, and some remarks about the               club officers and
      ways in which you were impacted by the speech
      are added bonuses. I like to comment on the                 update your officers
      speaker’s use of language, pointing out great               list with Toastmasters
      imagery, vocabulary, and moments of humor                   International by June 30,
      as well as some emotional tugs, depending on
      the content.                                                2017

      Tell us about Alexis – favorite foods?

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