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AS I SEE IT. . .

                                   Time to Say Thank You

                                   by Leanna Lindquist, DTM—District Director

                                      One of the             are responsible for supervising, inspiring,
      greatest strengths of the Toastmaster Program  and making sure your Area Director has the
      is its volunteers. Every member is a volunteer         information needed to be effective in the role.
      at one time or another. Volunteering starts at         They make sure there is a Division Contest and
      the club level when someone signs up to give           club officer makeup training. Directors commit
      a speech or serve as a functionary. People who         to a full year of volunteering. Some drive 100
      wish to take their volunteerism to the next            miles one way to visit their clubs. Directors are
      level become club officers. When you walk into  the people who help guide our ship. Thank you

                 THANK YOU!

      a club meeting and the roles are filled, the           to all our Directors.
      agenda is printed and the room is set up, you             If you have attended TLI, walked in the door,
      can thank a volunteer.                                 registered, and grabbed a hot cup of coffee you
          If you have attended an area or division  can thank a small army of volunteers. They
      contest, thank your Area Director. Area Directors  are at the front door at 6:00 am schlepping in
      serve as liaisons between the club and the District.  equipment, arranging chairs and putting out
      During the area visits they share deadlines,  food. Connie Smith, our Hospitality Chair,
      conference and training information.                   unloads her car stuffed with bins of cups, plates,
          Area Directors are required to visit clubs twice  silverware and yes, that hot coffee I mentioned
      a year. Many visit clubs multiple times providing  earlier. Prior to TLI, presenters have been
      training and support to strengthen the club.  recruited, facilities secured, and the word has
      Dawnette Hale is the Area Director for Rose City  been spread. Thank you to our Program Quality
      Toasters, a prison club. Read the follow up to her  Director and team.
      recent article in this issue of Voices! See how she       If you have attended a District conference you
      goes above and beyond to help her clubs. Thank  can thank a conference chair and another small
      you Dawnette.                                          army of volunteers for showing up at the door at
          If you have attended makeup training you can  6:00am. Registration has been expertly handled
      thank your Division Director. These volunteers  by P. J. Kleffner for as long as I can remember.

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