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Speech Champions

       Interviews wth Quint Crispin and Alexis Mason

       by Phyllis Harmon, DTM

      On May 6, 2017, two District speech champions were chosen by the judges at
      Your Road to Extraordinary, the District 7 Spring Conference. Quint Crispin,
      International Speech champion moves on to compete at the world semi-finals on
      August 24th in Vancouver, BC. Alexis Mason emerged as the 2017 District Speech Evaluation champion.
      Her on-point evaluation of the target speech, Say It Like Gale, presented by Dean Klaus gives her bragging
      rights until the next Spring Conference. Quint and Alexis agreed to answer a few questions for the May issue
      of  Voices!

     Quint Crispin joined Walker Talkers in 2009,  speech idea?
     and is serving as the club’s VP Education.                 When an idea for a speech pops into my head
     What brought you to Toastmasters?                       I try to enter it in my smartphone or scribble it
                                                             down before I forget.  I’m watchful for changes
         I joined Toastmasters because I was tired of        in my perception that could be crafted into a
     the sick feeling in my stomach and sweaty palms         message for others. Starting with something
     every time I gave a status report at work. I put off    that’s relevant to me means I’ll be more engaged
     visiting a club for two years because why on earth      as I write and deliver it.
     would I want to do more of what was making me
     ill?  I should have joined much sooner.
         I can’t believe how miserable I was worrying
     about speaking in public. Just this year I felt
     some of those feelings returning at a higher-level
     meeting, and I made a personal commitment to
     do more speeches and enter the International
     Speech Contest. You might say it’s a ‘winning’

     How has it helped your career?
         Toastmasters has enhanced the quality of my
     interactions both in meetings and one on one.
     The impromptu Table Topics sessions are great           What has helped you most to develop
     practice for those “hey, what are you working           an award winning speech?
     on” questions in the hallway with zero time to             Fully committing to the process, but that
     prepare.  I’ve also encouraged several coworkers        brings with it a host of things: researching
     to join Toastmasters which benefits my employer         books on comedy, visiting other clubs to speak
     as well as the club.                                    and get feedback, recording yourself each time
                                                             and reviewing it and being willing to make
     How has Toastmasters helped you                         tweaks when individuals are offering the same
     personally?                                             suggestions.

         Being less stressed at work means I’m less          As you practiced your speech for
     stressed when I get home.  Additionally being
     a club officer has pushed me to improve my              competition, how did you keep it fresh
     people skills which come in handy dealing with          and not sound over rehearsed?
     family issues.                                             I’ve asked this question of many seasoned
                                                             speakers and the answer is anything but straight-
     What is your process for developing a  forward.  The goal is to maintain a conversational
           Quint Crispin

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