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                                           07                                                      18

                                                                      JOURNEYS                                                                                                           39       WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
               EDITORIAL                                              Scott Stevenson - Success is                                         Are you committed to being
       02                                                    18                                                                    28
               Time is Slipping Away                                  Available Through Toastmasters                                       extraordinary?                                45       HONORING EDUCATIONAL
                                                                      by Brinn Hemmingson, ACB, CL                                                                                                AWARDS

               COVER STORY
       07      Speech Champions                              21       Adding Tools to the VPE’s Tool Box                           32      Bingo Card                                    48       TRIPLE CROWN AWARDS
               by Phyllis Harmon, DTM                                 by Paul Fanning, ACG, ALB

               AS I SEE IT                                            How Toastmasters Can Help                                            The Magical Element:                                   A New Path to Success in
       10      Time to Say Thank You                         22       Creative Types                                               33      Storytelling                                  49       Toastmasters!
               by Leanna Linquist DTM                                 by Connie Smth, ACB, CL                                              by Jake Batty                                          by Adele O’Neal, DTM -
               District Director                                                                                                                                                                  D7 Chief Ambassador

               FROM THE DESK                                          Early Oregon Toastmasters -                                          TELL ME A STORY
       11      It’s About the People                         23       Part 1                                                       34      Call Your Dad                                 50       HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO
               by Donna Stark, DTM                                                                                                         by Cheri Perry, ATMB, AL                               MAY CLUBS
               Program Quality Director                               by Harvey Schowe, DTM - District 7 Historian

               FROM THE DESK
       12      Well Done!                                    24       Your Road to Extraordinary                                   35      Cupcake Update                                51       League of Extraordinary
               by John Rodke, DTM                                     Recap                                                                by Dawnette Hale , ACS, ALB                            Toastmasters
               Club Growth Director

               Distinguished Club Program:                            SUCCESSFUL CLUB                                                      Road to Presidents
       15                                                    26       Swan Island Toastmasters                                     36                                                    53       Calendar - May-June 2017
               Bringing Home the Gold                                 by Trenna Xavier, ACB, ALB                                           Distinguished

                                                                                                                                                                                         54       Toastmasters Promise
                                                                      New Club Debuts: Columbia
       16      Toastmasters Leadershp                        27       Square Squawking Heads                                       38      Hope in Action!
                                                                                                                                           by Judy Miller
                                                                      by Paul Fanning, ACG, ALB

         4                                                                       VOLUME 3 ISSUE 11 MAY, 2017
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