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EDITORIAL                                                Publisher

                           Time is Slipping Away                                    Phyllis Harmon, DTM

                           by Phyllis A. Harmon, DTM                                Associate Publisher
                           Editor/Publisher                                         Brenda Parsons, ACS, ALS

          Another Spring conference completed successfully with                    Senior Editor
      Quint Crispin and Alexis Mason emerging as our International
      Speech and Speech Evaluation champions, a new (or not-so-                    Phyllis Harmon, DTM
      new) slate of district officers elected for the 2017-18 year, and
      one more year of Toastmasters is marching towards June 30th                  Associate Editors
      and year end.                                                                Leanna Lindquist, DTM
          Seems like we just started this year! I’m reviewing what
      club and personal goals I’ve accomplished and what I have                    Donna Stark, DTM
      left to do by June 30th. Seems to me that the check marks in                 John Rodke, DTM
      my completed column are greater than my “still to do” list.
      My home club finally got their 20th member and President’s                   Layout/Design
      Distinguished status again. My other clubs are working their                 Phyllis Harmon, DTM
      way towards having enough new members to qualify for the                     Curtis Low
      Distinguished Club Program and Distinguished or better.
          It’s been a tough year for membership retention and                      2016-17 Officers
      growth throughout the district, but as of today it looks like our            District Director
      numbers are beginning to recover. With six weeks still to go,                Leanna Lindquist, DTM
      I have confidence that we will continue to work towards our
      goals and that we can attract new members who see the value                  Program Quality Director
      Toastmasters can bring to them.                                              Donna Stark, DTM
          Personal goals? I’m pleased that more and more people are
      enjoying Voices! as our third year in production rolls to a close.           Club Growth Director
      I earned my third DTM, coached several people towards                        John Rodke, DTM
      their own goals, and will complete my pledges by June 30th.
          What about your club and personal goals? Are you                         Finance Manager
      still working on them? There is still time left this year to                 Jill Ward, ACB, ALB
      complete what you started. Six weeks is a lifetime in some
      circumstances.                                                               Administrative Manager
          Need to finish a few more speeches? Consider visiting                    Rodger Cook, ACB, ALB
      other clubs and getting your name on their agenda. Same with
      meeting roles. Your club needs one or two new members to                     Public Relations Manager
      meet their goals? Who have you reached out to and invited to                 Phyllis Harmon, DTM
      a meeting? How about a blended meeting with people dialing
      in via Skype or similar programs? All routes are possible. All              Voices! is published monthly by
                                                                                  District 7 Toastmasters. First issue
      you have to do is give it a try!                                            published August 2014. Submit
         Six weeks is all you need to finish what  you started. Begin             articles or contact contributors at
      now—time’s slipping away.                                         

         2                                                                       VOLUME 3 ISSUE 11 MAY, 2017
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