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style, like meeting a friend for lunch, but that’s  year we built a set of articulating dragon wings
      difficult to do on stage for the 10  time.  I used  for my daughter’s Halloween costume that runs
      to view the audience as one big mass of people  off CO2 canisters.  This year I built a smoke-ring
      but now I make an effort to acknowledge the  cannon for a school science fair that had kids
      individuals and their reaction to me.  Stage  lined up all night to try it out.  I always wanted
      fright tends to lock you up in a way that prevents  to do those things as a child so it’s rewarding to
      you from experiencing your audience’s feel- be that source of inspiration for kids now that
      ings.  Opening yourself up to their emotions  I’m an adult.
      can help calm your nerves and enhance your                My wife and I will be celebrating our 20
      stage presence.                                       wedding anniversary in June and we’re looking
                                                            for some place special to go.
      On the day of competition, what’s your                    After my District 7 win, we decided we’d

      favorite way to prepare for your seven  take a few extra days in Vancouver, B.C. for
      minutes on stage?                                     our anniversary no matter the outcome of
                                                             the contest, but it would be an extra special
                                                             celebration with a world championship trophy!
                                                             How have you used the skills learned

                                                                Alexis Mason joined Toastmasters in 2000.
                                                             She is a member of three clubs: Leaders Edge,
                                                             Clark County, and Thrill of the Quill. She is
                                                             currently the club president for both Leaders
                                                             Edge and Thrill of the Quill. Alexis served as
                                                             the 2006-07 District Governor.

                                                             Why did you originally join
                                                                I attended my first Toastmasters meeting
          I give myself plenty of time to get there, casu- because my husband Dave Mason invited me to
      ally find my way up front to see what the room  come listen to one of his speeches. I believe this is
      looks like from that perspective (multiple times  still the best way to encourage a friend or family
      if possible) and don’t dwell on the speech like it’s  member to check it out.  We were both retired,
      a pending dental procedure.  I try to think of it  but we had committed to learning something new
      like anything else I have to do that day; going to  together every year. This seemed like a good fit,
      the grocery store, making dinner, whatever.  Also  particularly since I was self conscious and didn’t
      I only run through the speech once or twice in  want to live out my life feeling uncomfortable
      my mind just to prove to myself it will be there  in social situations.
      when I need it.

      What do you do for relaxation? Favorite
      foods? Tell us about Quint – what makes
      you tick?

          I have a passion for tinkering and creating
      things you can’t buy in a store.  It helps me
      be a good engineer but has also led to some
      interesting home projects.  Two summers ago
      my kids and I turned their little red wagon into
      a solar-powered electric go-cart.  Then we built
      an automated water rocket launcher like the
      one at OMSI that launches 2-liter bottles.  Last

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