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Get SMART-ER About Your  Goals!

                                            ERIC HOWARD, CC

       Achieving goals can be difficult. Think about  I couldn’t do any exercises. Even after the cast
       the last goal you set that you didn’t reach. You  came off, I was limited to non-weight-bearing
       probably had every intention. But, was it really  exercises. When I was cleared to start lifting
       a goal?  Or, was it just a wish or a hope?  Those  weights again, it felt like I was starting all over.

       tend to be too vague. Here’s a tried-and-true way  My muscle tone had diminished, and my wrist
       of achieving what you want. I’m living proof.         was very weak.
          Several years ago, I reached a point where I           I had a choice. Either I could give up or get
       was fed up with feeling flabby, out of shape, and  going. I chose to get going. Getting in shape

       overweight. I was tired of struggling with chronic  had shifted from a “want to” to a “have to.”  To
       back pain, so I decided to do something about it.  regain full use of my wrist, I had to be much
       I set a general “target” of going to the gym and  more focused and work a lot harder to get back
       walking several times a week.                         in shape.

          The first few months were a challenge, but             This time, I set specific six-month goals. My
       then it started getting easier. After six months I  first goal was to strengthen all my muscle groups
       “slimmed down” by 20 pounds and developed  and lift 70-90 pounds by the third set of each
       some decent muscle tone. My back pain was  exercise. Secondly, I committed to losing 60

       completely gone, too. Then, life happened. I  pounds and walking for 20-30 minutes, three
       wiped out on a bicycle and broke my wrist while  times weekly. Finally, I set a goal to eat healthier
       trying to avoid a reckless driver.                    by eliminating all dairy, processed foods, refined
          With my wrist in a cast for several weeks,  sugars, and adding additional servings of raw

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