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      fruits, vegetables and nuts.                                                  Can you touch, taste,
          By the end of six months, I had lost 65              Tangible             smell, see, or hear yourself

      pounds. I was much stronger than before and                                   accomplishing your goals?
      was lifting 80-100 pounds in all but one of the
      exercises. I walked over 30 minutes a day. My              SMART goals are powerful. They have helped

      energy increased, and I was sleeping better at  many of my clients achieve great results. But, I
      night. Finally, the post-injury chronic back pain  found some weren’t feeling completely satified—
      was gone.                                              as if they weren’t tapping into their full potential.
          My initial “target” of getting in shape and  The problem was they weren’t connecting their

      losing weight was a vague wish, an indefinite  goals with their overall purpose, their most
      intention. Post-injury, I decided to set and pursue  critical priorities and their core values.
      specific goals, which made all the difference.             The key is to make your goals SMART-ER
      Essentially, I set what are called ‘S-M-A-R-T’  than ever!  Two more letters are needed:

                             The 6 “W’s”: Who, What,

        Specific             When, Where, Which, and           Ethical              Is it right or wrong?

                                                                                    Does it fit your purpose?

        Measurable           How much? How many?               Relevant             Does it really matter to

                             Do you have the abilities,
                             skills, financial capacity? If
        Attainable           not, how can you develop

                             Are you willing and able
                             to do whatever it takes                  I had a choice.
        Realistic            to accomplish it? Does
                             it represent substantial             Either I could give
                             progress?  A labor of love?

                             What is the time frame? Is             up or get going. I
                             there a sense of urgency to
        Timely               motivate you and keep you             chose to get going.

                             on track?

        Here’s an extra ‘T’ for good measure…

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