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          SMART-ER goals helped two of my clients  •  Review your goals every day for the first 90
      reach new heights:                                        days, then weekly. You’re much more likely

          1        A sales coach                                       to follow through on those things that
                                                                        you see and think about constantly.
                   hit a plateau in    A financial counselor   2        •  Recruit an accountability partner.
         his coaching business and     came to me two                   It’s easy to let yourself off the hook
         was struggling to motivate    years after launching            when pursuing your goals and dreams.
         himself to move to the next   her unsuccessful business.
         level. I helped him create    She battled an inferiority       When you know that someone is going
         SMART-ER goals that didn’t    complex so severe she            to be asking you on a regular basis if
         frustrate and overpower       found it nearly impossible to    you’re doing what you said you would
         him. Now he has more          interact with clients without    when you said you’d do it, you are at
         enthusiasm, energy and        feeling overwhelmed. After       least 2-3 times more likely to do it.
         drive than ever. He is        clarifying the purpose of        •  Make “course adjustments” on a
         successfully going after      her life and business, she       weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
         his goals at a high rate of   began applying the SMART-ER      When you first set goals, it’s easy to
         speed!                        concepts. In just a few months,
                                       she was transformed from         get caught up in the moment and set
                                       “wallflower” to a confident,     unrealistic or unachievable goals. And
                                       outgoing and successful          life happens too! Take time to review
                                       businesswoman!                   your progress and make changes, if

          Here are a few strategies                                     necessary.
      to make your SMART-ER goals more attainable:              As a next step, I encourage you to go to
      •  Consider your highest priorities and core

          values. They are your “big rocks.” It is  demand/. For a very nominal cost, you can view
          essential they come first, before anything else!   my video “Reconstruct Your Life.”  During the
          I recommend creating your “perfect week”  video, I share how to develop your purpose,
          template to ensure that your highest priorities  vision, goals, and action steps that are essential

          are not “crowded out” when life gets hectic.   to accomplishing what you desire in life.
      •  Set “appointments” with yourself. When                 Eric is a business and career coach, speaker,
          things come up that are not included in your  and trainer who helps business owners, executives,
          perfect week but are closely tied with your  managers, and other professionals maximize

          priorities and core values, make sure they get  productivity and profitability while experiencing
          on your schedule.                                  career and life fulfillment. Eric joined Toastmasters
      •  Show your goals, vision, and purpose to those  in 2013 and is a member and past president of
          that love and support you. This can really  Noontime Nomads. You can contact him at ehoward@

          give you “staying po,wer” and help you follow
          through when enthusiasm fades away. Loved
          ones know better than anyone hat keeps you
          motivated and moving forward.

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