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I am Ready . . .

      Phyllis A. Harmon, DTM - Editor/Publisher

          It amuses me how much faster the world spins the slower I get. I
      blink and it’s a new year full of promise and “what can be’s”. There
      are new mountains to climb and valleys to cross. I am ready.
          That’s one of the many advantages of Toastmasters. I can have
      a so-so year or an outstanding one, but it’s up to me which way
      it goes. There is no one pushing me one way or the other. All my
      deadlines and goals are self imposed. I shape my own destiny.

          I am ready to tackle the role of president of TV Toastmasters,
      building on the work of those who came before me. I am ready to
      spread the voice of District 7 on air and in print to those who haven’t
      experienced the power of the program. I am ready to fulfill other
      goals I’ve set for myself both in and out of Toastmasters.
          As I looked over the organizational chart of the 2018-19 directors
      on pages 18-19, I noted there were still several positions wating to

      be filled. I’ve put my name forward for consideration. Whether my
      option is picked up or not isn’t really the point. I am ready should                           EDITORIAL
      my help be needed.
          Leadership and team opportunities surround us. Our District
      Trio is looking for committee members, director roles need to be
      filled, the conference committee seeks volunteers to help plan and
      execute the Spring conference, and the broadcast and print media
      teams are welcoming volunteers to help them fulfill their mission
      of  becoming the voice of District 7.

          The opportunities are there. All you have to do
      is decide how you want to to stretch and grow on
      your own journey this year. I’m ready. Are you?

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