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Most of my hobbies involve things that take              strategic view, and foresight in understanding

     years to master. So a mistake here and there is          the opportunities and risks.
     really nothing terrible in the scheme of things.             These skills are more difficult to measure
                                                              because they tend to be uncommon. These skills
     How does Toastmasters enhance your work                  also make me someone who tells the truth, even
     at Daimler?                                              when it is uncomfortable to do so. Toastmasters

         I use Toastmasters to create connections across      has helped me develop my humorous delivery
     the company— allies. I find people interested in         skills which creates opportunities to share the
     learning and developing as professionals and             truth and still bring hope. Toastmasters’ helps

     as people, and I bring them to Toastmasters.             me stay light.
     This community of Toastmasters knows who to
     reach out to in order to solve problems, and ask         You’ve been in Toastmasters since 2013.
     questions. It makes us more adaptive and agile.          What are some of the highlights of your

         As a project manager, being able to                  career so far?
     communicate clearly, offer positive and specific             Highlights? Vancouver, BC International
     actionable feedback, and lead with confidence            Convention. Loved it!! What a happy place. Being
     during challenging transitions support a benefit         with people excited about learning, sharing a

     for Diamler. My greatest gifts are my awareness,         laugh, dancing during the business meeting,

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