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     let other people speak because it gives them               professional network and learning opportunities,

     opportunities to develop and allow leaders to see          and supporting business leaders in their
     them. But sometimes it is necessary to lead and            DEI efforts. My area of focus is advocacy for
     move things along—and that is when I usually               women and people of color. I write materials
     speak. My confidence strengthened because of               and lead education events to explore the topics

     the hundreds of speeches I have given, 100+                of leadership, self-awareness and growth, and
     evaluations, and the numerous contests in                  finding our unique voices. Much of my time is
     which I have participated. This is my signature            spent researching and contemplating the world
     on my email: “Under duress, we do not rise to              and the suffering in the world - my purpose for

     our expectations— we fall to the level of our              this focus is to find ways to bring hope to those
     training.” (Bruce Lee.)                                    who are struggling. I believe hope transforms
        To me this quote is about Toastmasters and              lives.
     it encourages me to keep putting in the effort.               Other activities include puttering around

                                                                in my garden, admiring my BMW K75, baking
     What do you do outside of Toastmasters?                    treats, and yummy meals. I also love bright
     I am one of the founders of the HX Visionaries             happy pastel clothing. I search for the perfect
     a non-profit organization dedicated to                     missing pieces for my wardrobe—sometimes it

     providing DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)           can take 8 to 10 years to find the perfect piece.

    2018 Spring Conference D7 Ceremony

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