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                  Dawnette Hale, DTM
                  Creating Connections

                  Phyllis Harmon, DTM

                       Continuing this year’s focus on Division Directors, February features

                       Dawnette Hale, Divison D Director.

                       Why did you join Toastmasters?
                           My friend Stephanie Hope, a long time Toastmaster,

                       asked me to come to a meeting many times, but I always
                       found a reason to say no. I thought it was an old man’s club
                       and I just did not have time for that. I attended a Women
                       Interactive Networking meeting at my work and discovered

                       that they were  creating a women’s only meeting. I thought
                       it might be interesting to see what a meeting was like. It was
                       awesome!  In a manufacturing and engineering company
                       there are few women. Having an opportunity to learn and

                       practice speaking skills without men around was appealing.
                       After three months I attended the main meeting and found
                       it to be just as wonderful and inspiring as the women’s only

                       What has been your greatest Aha! Moment in your

                       Toastmasters journey so far? Why?
                           I don’t know about the greatest. . . but one significant

                       moment was when I realized that after practicing and
                       learning, and leading, I was no longer afraid of speaking. I
                       am not concerned about the size of the crowd, who I follow,
                       how I will do. It will be just fine. Why? Because I practice,

                       because I challenge myself, and because I get awesome
                       feedback that helps me stay focused and confident. I usually

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