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       and the karaoke. Meeting Tomoka Nozawa an

       amazing teacher from Japan.
          Creating and leading with Swan Island
       Toastmasters’ leaders Mentoring 1,2,3 (a
       program designed to help new members

       complete their first three speeches).
          Attending Rose City Toastmasters meetings
       (one of the prison clubs) and seeing how they
       are working towards creating a better life for

       themselves and their families. Watching them  of orange fragrant blossoms over my turquoise
       speak their truths and face their demons and  studio. It should be very romantic. The 500
       acknowledge the places they must grow. It is so  apricot impression tulips will bloom and have
       powerful - I feel blessed every time I go to CRCI. me captive to their beauty as I hang out in the

                                                             yard just to watch them and take endless pictures.
       As Division D Director, what is your                     A friend will come over and move my
       vision for the Division this year?                    motorcycle to the front of my house. I am a
          To encourage each Area Director to do the  bit scared of my driveway—too steep and off

       best they can in their role. To acknowledge all  camber. I will be able to freely ride and enjoy
       their effort and express appreciation. To listen  our beautiful twisty roads.
       when they are struggling and let them know
       that even when it does not go well it is still a  What would you share with those who are
       valuable space for personal development, and  interested in taking on a leadership role

       they are not letting people down.                     next year?
                                                                The Confidence Gap—many men try things
       What are your personal plans and goals  before they have all the skills, and many women
       for next year?                                        wait until they are at 100%. Women—If you are

          In the summer, I travel to Italy to look for a  going to wait until you have 100% of the skills you
       modest home to purchase. I have been planning  might be waiting forever!  Men keep on keeping
       this for seven years and I am super excited.  on!  Good job making things happen.

       My mom and my son are traveling to Wales to              To keep juicy and be vital—we need to try
       explore for a week and then joining me in Italy.  new things. Take daring chances—dream big
       We are going to have a lovely time.                   dreams that are not reasonable. Most of the
          My garden will receive tons of organic fine  people will not try for the larger, scarier spaces.

       screened compost for growing vegetables and  But if you choose to, then you will see that it is
       fruits—I am beyond excited about this. My
       Lady of Shalott roses are being trained over my
       studio in the backyard. This will create a tumble

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