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“World Champion Public Speaking” title. Through a series of
well- articulated stories, Ryan shared strategies he learned to
effectively move him towards his vision. The great news was that
each of us could learn these strategies and understand how to
apply them to our own visions. This was not theory, this was solid
proven information we could take and apply. Thank you Ryan, for
the effort you expended to prepare this session for us!
The first round of workshops followed with four sessions to
choose from. Ryan Avery, DTM, “Stop Being a Leader,” James
Wantz, DTM, “Introduction to Linear Stage Psychology 101,” Tara
Rolstad, CC, “Strategic Humor in Speaking: Use It Safely and Save
Lives (or at Least Presentations),” and Yaswanth Rangineni, CC,
“Effective Time Management: Organize and Execute Around
Priorities.” Each of these talks was filled with practical information
which every member, no matter his or her profession, business,
or hobby, could apply to some segment of life, immediately!
Then, it was time for the Table Topics contest. Judges and contestants were briefed, all was ready. The Toastmaster

Ryan Avery, DTM  James Wantz, DTM  Tara Rolstad, CC  Yaswanth Rangineni, CC

announced the speaking order. The first speaker approached the stage while all other contestants are silently
led out of the room to a remote location, out of hearing range of the auditorium. The Toastmaster announced
the speaker’s name, then recited the table topic twice, then repeated the speaker’s name. A brief handshake and
the speaker was on their own. Speaker after speaker performed impeccably.

                                                                                   Judges completed their ballots. The Chief
                                                                                   Judge and ballot counters retired to complete
                                                                                   their work. Witty comments during contestant
                                                                                   interviews brought laughter from the
                                                                                   audience, but all the time knowing these
                                                                                   contestants were wondering who was to be
                                                                                   the final winner. The Chief Judge emerged
                                                                                   from the side entrance with envelop in hand.
                                                                                   District Leaders made their way to the stage.
                                                                                   It was time to announce the winners. They
                                                                                   began: Third Place, Owen Chambers; Second
Place, Brandon Heston; then the room became silent as the long-awaited announcement comes. District 7
Toastmasters 2015-16 First Place Table Topics Contest Winner: Kathleen Sykora!

                                   The auditorium erupted in applause, rising
                                   to a crescendo of approval. Kathleen stood
                                   on the side of the room in disbelief! She was
                                   beckoned to the stage. She stepped onto
                                   the platform and the First Place Trophy was
                                   placed in her hands! She stood as a speechless
                                   toastmaster until the audience calmed! Finally
                                   she articulated her thanks and appreciation.

Next was the DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) Award Ceremony. In January of 2014 I made a promise to myself
that I would earn my DTM on July 1, 2015 and be on stage with District 7 Distinguished Toastmasters to receive
my DTM medallion. The Toastmaster invited all DTM holders to come onstage and prepare to receive the newest
DTM awardees. As each name was called, the audience applauded. The current DTM’s personally congratulated
each new recipient into their ranks. This experience was one of the most gratifying feelings of accomplishment
I have ever felt. This award represented everyone who had helped me along the way and every person who
allowed me to help them in their journey. We were all winners that day.

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