Toastmasters for Introverts presented by fellow Toastmaster Jason Kent of Electric Toastmasters Club in Portland, Oregon. Jason is a professional engineer in the field of water resources and is also a “card-carying introvert”. Only in the past couple of years did he decide to embrace his introversion and maximize the advantages of being an introvert. If you’re a Toastmaster and an introvert, you’re in good company. Hear from Jason how to optimize your Toastmasters experience to suit your personality and march to the beat of your own drummer.

It’s Not Always Red Bull and Roses presented by fellow Toastmaster Cathey Armillas of Mentors of Focus, Toastmasters for Speaking Professionals, TV Toastmasters and Future Stars! clubs in Portland, Tigard and Beaverton, Oregon. Cathey is notorious in the marketing world for creating wildly successful marketing strategies. Hear from Cathey how being an extrovert isn’t always what people imagine. Society has lead us to believe that being an extrovert is the way to go. Extroverts aren’t shy, they can make friends with anyone and can easily sell ice to Eskimos. Or can they?

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