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Toastmasters for Aspiring Trainers (formerly Servetus) is in the process of reinvigorating itself. We have a series of guest presenters for the month of February,  Cathey Armillas, Tom Cox,  and Rose Wellman, who will present various training related workshops. Our inaugural presenter is Cathey Armillas  on February 11th, 2014 6 pm – 7:30 pm @ DeVry University.
Toastmasters for Aspiring Trainers is an advanced club that seeks to help Toastmasters go beyond presentations and develop their skills as workshop facilitators and trainers. Our club meetings involve every member in brainstorming, action planning, and discussion. We would love to grow our club, and welcome you,  or anyone you know,  to come check out the special presentation on February 11th and hear how Toastmasters for Aspiring Trainers can help you move from speaker to trainer.
Questons: James Wantz