Membership and growth was the focus on the middle section.   Ryan Avery started us off with why we need to P Three Times Daily.   After the laughter died down, he filled us in.  It’s critical that we Prioritize, Publicize, and Practice our goals every day.  Make sure to use Smart Goals for your club. He shared with us Portland Toastmasters’ club goals for 2012. See them publicized on their website.

Cleon Cox, master of recruiting members, focused on the Vice President of Membership position.  He’s learned that on average, it takes seven guests to generate one new member.   Make sure your meetings are lively, educational, and fun.  When guests arrive, they need to see a group that they want to be a part o f.

David Jamison (Also the Conference Sponsorship Chair, contact him with possible ideas) reminded us of why public relations  so effective with reminders of the Tylenol recal in 1982.  Effective Public Relations is Timeless.  It creates the positive image for the organization.  Create the image for your club by taking advantage of the branding updates  for your webdesign as well as the new functionality of the new Free Toast Host 2.0.  He challenged everyone to ensure that their club website was personalized and updated regularly.

We finished off the middle section with a group discussion of membership building ideas.  Check out the special blog post containing them.

Let us know what your favorite membership and public relation idea was from this mornings session.