Area Contest Contestants

Area Contest Contestants

The excitement is building! Clubs all around District 7 are gearing up for their International Speech and Speech Evaluation contests. That means clubs will be recruiting Toastmasters as judges to help pick those who will compete at the area contests and beyond. Judging is another way to practice your critical listening skills — and you don’t need to speak before the audience. Rather, you and fellow judges cast confidential ballots to determine the winner who gave the best presentation.

Judges must meet these eligibility requirements as stated in the official 2013 rule book:

1. All judges shall be members in good standing.

2. All judges at area, division, and district speech contests shall:

a) Be a Toastmasters member in good standing for a minimum of six months.

b) Have completed a minimum of six speech projects in the Competent Communication manual.

If you do not yet meet the requirements for area or higher contests, you can still serve as a club contest judge — it is great practice.

To learn more about contest judging, you can take the 3-part course online from Toastmasters starting here:

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Erik Bergman

D7 Chief Judge, 2012-13