Learn from Ryan Avery, the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history, how to maximize your potential by improving your speaking skills.

A year ago Ryan had no clue how to write, create and deliver a speech or presentation that kept his business associates and audiences engaged. With the 2004 World Champion, Randy Harvey, as his mentor and his coach/wife-Chelsea, Ryan found the formula that works. If he can do it, so can you!

Ryan will teach you his formula for how to make it a great speech and presentation and how you too can keep your audience hooked on your every word.

He will provide you with key secrets and strategies that are necessary to write, create and deliver speeches that engage, inspire and get your audience to take action. You will walk away with:

– How to speak with confidence
– How to write and deliver winning speeches and presentations
– How to be humors on stage

By attending this interactive workshop you will learn communication techniques guaranteed to help you advance in your career. The District is offering this event for FREE to the first 150 people registered. Sign up now and take your career to the next level and learn what Toastmasters can do for your personal and professional life.