Job Description

The VP of Pathways (VPP) is an elective club office. As such, the VPP will not receive club officer credit for DTM, and training will not count toward club DCP credit. As the VPP, you will work closely with your club’s VPE and VPM to support Pathways adoption, training, and troubleshooting. If you are the VPE for a small club, you may find that it works best to incorporate the work of the VPP into your role and have your club declare you their VPP. Our District 7 goals are as follows:

  • 100% member Pathways adoption for 100% of the clubs in D7.
  • 75% of D7 clubs achieve at least 5 of the 6 educational goals of the DCP.


As your club’s VP of Pathways, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Orient new members to Pathways—NOTE: Relative to Pathways, a new member may also be a longtime member who is transitioning into Pathways after having earned a traditional DTM or having otherwise worked the traditional program exclusively. You will help each new member select a path and get started on the new path. If you are not also the VPE or VPM, you will assist your club’s VPE and/or VPM efforts to find mentors for new members. You will also coach, guide, and encourage each new member to finish Level 1 in what the new member deems to be a timely manner.
  • Train club members on the basics of how to use Pathways—i.e., Base Camp, evaluation forms, and submission of awards.
  • Assist the efforts of your club’s VPE and VPM to monitor club progress on Pathways (Member Pathways adoption rates and achievement of educational awards on Pathways)
  • Troubleshoot challenges.


  • Pathways Adoption Rate
  • VPP_Score (copied from District 57; edited on October 28, 2020, after correction of arithmetic error discovered by Dave Bones):
    • The score is designed to earn points for each level completed, with a 10x bonus for each path completed.  It also rewards clubs for having more members earn Pathways awards, as opposed to a few members earning the same number of awards, and normalizes scores so that small clubs have the same chance to do well as large clubs.
    • Formula: [(Levels + 10 x Paths) / Base] x [Earning / Base] x 1000 where Levels = levels completed, Paths = paths completed, Earning = number of members earning awards, and Base = membership base as of July 1, 2020
      • Example: The Pathways Pioneers Club has 5 members finish Level 1, and one of those members also finishes Level 2. 2 members finish Level 3, and 1 member finishes Level 5. The club started the year with a membership of 20.
        • 5 Level 1’s = 5 points
        • 1 Level 2 = 1 point
        • 2 Level 3’s = 2 points
        • 1 Level 5 = 1 point for finishing a level + 10 points for finishing a path = 11 points.
        • 5 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 10 = 19
        • 5 + 2 + 1 = 8 members earning awards. (Remember that one of the 5 members who finished Level 1 also finished Level 2, so that member is counted only once.)
        • (19 / 20 x 8 / 20) x 1000 = VPP Score of 380
      • Incentive: Standings updated weekly on D7 website. Final standings reported on D7 website on July 1, 2021.
        • First place winner earns large trophy and $100 Toastmasters gift certificate for the club.
        • Second place winner earns medium trophy and $75 Toastmasters gift certificate for the club.
        • Third place winner earns small trophy and $50 Toastmasters gift certificate for the club.
        • Fourth and fifth place winners earn $25 Toastmasters gift certificate for each of their clubs.


  • Pathways Chair: Dr. Gwendolyn Avington
  • Pathways Proponents Committee
  • Other VPPs
  • Regular meetings of VPPs with Pathways committee to share best practices

VPP Contest Standings (1 point minimum)

RankDivisionAreaClub IDClub NameVP PathwaysMembership BaseLevels CompletedPaths CompletedMembers Earning AwardsVPP Score
1G849235New Beginnings ToastmastersJerry Phillips4171813500
2A242931Unified Toastmasters Club514187680
3H921451910Liberty TalkersNate Woods816252813
4E637102562Toast Of Tualatin, Lam ResearchMichael Rosenberg14302112806
5C456525Communicators PlusCheri Redgrave15212112004
6G81610Totem Pole ClubJames Wright13270111757
7G81678Evergreen ClubMichole Branch913161704
8B333880Yaquina ToastmastersLarry Lehnerz88161688
9G843091Professionally SpeakingJerry Carr24273161583
10B317093University of Oregon ClubMychal Smigley812081500
11G834777Encouraging Words ClubTeresa Wentworth14141101224
12B335249117MIME Speaks1414191102
13G819527Clark County Toastmasters ClubDavid Shehorn1321161101
14E62875188Portland ProgressivesKaren Semprevivo1114091041
15H952714463Downtown Lunchbunch ToastmastersPaul Fanning91014988
16D531235Blue Ox ClubLakeitha Ruffin121017972
17B318430Siuslaw Tale Spinners ClubVickie Kennedy121216917
18E633346Mentors Of Focus ClubTamsen Corbin14826857
19A22158Myrtlewood Hootowlers ClubRenee Taylor91006741
20E651007407WE Toasted ToastmastersRocky Savage201329743
21E645642364Wagon Tongues8513703
22H91866853Walker Talkers Toastmasters Club111207694
T23G823045535Salmon SpeakersPriya Kudva131309692
T23B327900Toast of Corvallis Toastmasters ClubLisa Schupp131309692
25H943756318Nano-Mated SpeakersNathan Beste171126644
26B318553Gateway ToastmastersJenness Howery141116643
27F714287NoonTime ClubJessica Wang131308615
28F759474At The River's Edge ClubEmily Basile14916582
29E631360New Horizons Toastmasters ClubJennifer Baker2917310559
30F731492Sunrise Toastmasters Club #1492Amanda Overcash191418532
31H969459Feedbackers Toastmasters Club201219495
32E615588Marylhurst ToastmastersTed Takamura211419490
T33C422397Bootstrappers ClubLyle Schellenberg141114429
T33E64977380Buckaroo ToastmastersEmilie Taylor14823429
35H96751Cedar Hills Club191217427
36H934428Wallmasters International Club2820111421
37C42693720Capital Toastmasters ClubSirGiogio Clardy382649411
38A22827361Roseburg Speakers and StorytellersSieana Chandra201317403
39E613697Clackamas Stepping Stones Tm ClubLinda Smith13714402
40C456856Bend Chamber ToastmastersFredrick Rydiun11322380
41F736643148CareOregonBrian Mandell2823012352
42G81353Vancouver Toastmasters ClubKevin Kaatz191409349
43C415915Toasting Excellence ClubLyle Schellenberg18824346
44B322997349Lebanon Toastmasters141305332
45C44589207Sherwood Town Criers ClubSteve Davis15908320
46E65605Lake Oswego Toastmasters ClubBella Nissen12905313
47H949654Speakeasy ToastmastersJesus Cuallo-Amador21917302
48F742978Portlandia ClubAndrew Powers12805278
49C458523Toastmasters of RedmondCheri Redgrave22917275
50H923797086Sporty SpeakersEmily Meyers271318252
51B33395Corvallis Evening Group16614250
53D53608093Babble-On Toastmasters ClubScott Strickland3015110278
T54H964519550PMI Portland ToastmastersBeth Pinchot20815225
T54E653700771Toast to USAnil Kumar20815225
56D526869Tell Me A StoryLeanna Lindquist201108220
57D5431Portland Club22815186
58A21856839Smooth Talkers Club8111172
59H957499Tualatin Valley Toastmasters ClubKat Iverson191006166
60E627450Noon TalkersKamala Wymore21814163
T61E644105973Clackamas County ToastmastersTamsen Corbin15606160
T61G833657Early Words ClubSuzanne Loeb151203160
T61F732472905Tower ToastmastersSean Jaqua10404160
64F756570266YammertimeJoseph Dudman21714154
65B31595492Downtown Public Speakers Club14512153
66H911877656Toastmasters For Speaking ProfessionalsAllison Bennett231014151
67A245840Southern Oregon SpeechmastersKevin Wood14412143
68H934421Timber Talkers10702140
69E657510642Coachmasters Toastmasters ClubJill Anderson211006136
70H929579Silicon Forest Club17705121
71H916129West Beaverton Club281009115
72E61390Oregon City ToastmastersCharles Hale10111110
73G82959680Banfield BarkersJanna Cody20806120
74H957501158Waffle ToastersKyle Rolfson221005103
75A21927Rogue Communicators ClubDan GaRey860194
76H922039Daylighters ClubKen Coomes1240383
77G81741873Speakers With Spirit ClubDavid Moeglein2090490
T78D546222Civil Tongues Club840163
T78C431448802Dallas ToastmastersMichael Welsch820263
T78D534999Tabor Toastmasters Club1640463
T78C413548Top DOTs820263
T82C418617Flying Toasters ClubBarbara Winn1030260
T82D519777The Dalles Toastmasters ClubButhiana Hassan1030260
84F7587AAA TowstersCaity Benston2270458
85C44588Newberg Toastmasters ClubJanet Cesarin1641155
86F713964Electric Toasters ClubYuri Poudayel1230242
87A22604Roseburg Club720141
88F724379Pearl District Toastmasters ClubDaniel O'Kane1530340
89B31364Yawn Patrol Club2041135
90F752265Essayons ClubJack McCollister3880633
91F713446Washington Street ClubDenise Holmes1430231
92H919387Sage Beaverton Toastmasters2021130
93H947209661Speak To Lead ToastmastersEllie Figueroa1420220
94D529521Moser Community Toastmasters3340415
T95F745443129Columbia Square Squawking Heads2130214
97D541421367Swan Island Toastmasters910112
T98D536986Fortunate 500 Club111018
T98B322658342NuScale Toasters232028
100F731105462The Standard Speakeasy ToastmastersMelissa Johnson121017
101C451252137Spirit Trackers161014
T102C42469Creative Communicators171013
T102D52783Gresham Toastmasters Club191013