New Member Orientation

Materials for your new club members



Guest Packets

Have prepared packages ready for your guests.

Sample Guest Packet

Follow-up Emails for Guests

It is important to follow up with your guests after the meeting. Use these samples to craft your custom message for your club.

Follow Up Emails For Guests

New Members


New Member Packet

Having a new member packet will help the members adjust.
New Member Packet

New Member Packet

Members Goals

Be sure to get your new members to fill out their goals.

Fillable Member Goals

Education Awards

Help your new members understand the education tracks.

Education Awards

Role Tips

Give your new members information on each of the roles.

Role Tips

Signing up for a Role

Tell your new members how to sign up for a role.

Sign up for a Role

New Member Webinair

Sample New Member webinair.

New Member Orientation Webinar

Webinair Resources

A large number of resources available from the New Member webinair.

New Member Orientation Webinar Resources

Website and Roles

Something to help your members get up and running with the roles and your website.

Website and Roles

New Member Orientation Webinair

In this one hour webinar, presented by Sporty Speakers VP Membership Katrina Rodriguez, you will learn how to:

1. Be Inviting: Make a great impression & atmosphere for your visitors & members
2. Be Informative: Make sure your visitors & new members understandToastmasters
3. Be Influential: Make your club valuable & powerful for yourvisitors & members

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