Dec 16 2022


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

When You’re The Contest Chair or Toastmaster, 6 – 7p PST (UTC -8hours)

Close your eyes and imagine a Toastmasters club speech contest. Do you picture a speaker, maybe excited or a little nervous? But did you also picture the people who fill the contest roles, the ones who make the program flow and ensure that it adheres to Toastmasters speech contest rules?

If you like the challenge of organizing a project, or if you are looking to really improve your leadership skills, contest chair and/or Contest Toastmaster is the job for you.

The contest chair is the event coordinator for a Toastmasters speech contest, overseeing all arrangements including audio-visual, publicity, and contestant eligibility. The chair also must ensure all roles are filled and the officials are briefed on their responsibilities.  A contest Toastmaster can be appointed to manage some of these duties—most importantly, running the contest and interviewing the contestants.

Trainer:  Patrick Locke, D7 Contest Chair,