Oct 22 2022


8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

D7 Zoom Team, Advanced Skills 8 – 11 AM PDT (UTC-7)

Participants must successfully demonstrate District 7 Zoom Masters Intermediate skills in order to be approved for this training. Or, you must receive approval from the D7 Zoom Masters Team Leader [].

It is a 3 hour training session.

First 45 minutes, review of protocols, skills & expectations for a Zoom Master at Basic & Intermediate skill level. Confidentiality and use of information. Slides available for ZMLs & ZAs to do training. Review of what’s on the Zoom Masters Team google spreadsheet. Review of what’s in the google drive.
[break if don’t run overtime]

Next 75 minutes, how to ascertain what zoom masters are needed for an event for which you will be Zoom Master Lead. Can a ZML double up on roles in order to have less staff? How to build a zoom master team. Strategy on when and how many Team meetings to hold. Training or refreshing the team’s skills. Run through before events. Protocols for Leads. A peak at Zoom for Contests.
[break if don’t run overtime]

Last 45 minutes, Admin account settings & protocols. Registration list pulls, Participant list pulls. Protocols & Scheduling meetings. More protocols about account settings. Tips & Tricks on scheduling. Polls.

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Trainer:  Ellen Ino, D7 Zoom Masters Team Leader,