A number of you have asked about the upcoming Leadership ’09 event and the announcement that the 1st 200 registrants will also receive a free ticket to the Portland Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns game on December 17th. The most common questions are “can I purchase more tickets?”, and “what is Toastmasters Night at the Blazers?” – good questions all.

Can I Purchase More Tickets? Absolutely! Additional tickets will be available from the Blazers for only $12 each. When you go to redeem your “free” ticket from the Blazers (following the instructions you receive subsequent to your conference registration), all you will have to do is to tell the Blazers contact person that you wish to purchase additional tickets for the Toastmasters night and they will be able to accommodate your request.

What Is Toastmasters Night at the Blazers? This is where D7 all get to sit together in our own area and cheer on our local basketball team to victory over the Phoenix Suns.

So … Why Is This A Great Deal? Two reasons come to mind: First – D7 night at the Blazers – for free!  A chance to get out on the town with D7 and not have to speak (yelling is OK) and just have a great time! Second – A screaming deal — a quick check indicates that this conference will be the lease expensive fall conference being held among all the districts in Region 1 – by far.  We also have the International President as a keynote speaker — and of course we have 18 educations sessions too!  What’s not to like in this picture?

This is definitely a must-see event!

To register for this outstanding, jam-packed Leadership ’09 event, click HERE!     I look forward to seeing you at the conference!

~ Scott