Before I write anything, Please take a moment and look at this picture from the 2013 Toastmasters International Convention.

This person knows exactly what they want!

This person knows exactly what he wants!

Can you see it?

As I was walking out of the President’s Dinner on Saturday night, I saw it instantly. In this picture is someone who not only has a vision, but is taking steps to turn that vision into reality. Click on the image and take another look if you don’t see it.

In the center of the photograph standing in front of the Toastmasters International photo back drop is a man posing as though he had won the World Championship of Public Speaking. The only thing missing is the trophy. He created a photo of himself achieving his vision. His hands are exactly in the position they will be in when he wins.

What’s your vision?

Have you written it down?  Have you shared it with others? This year I am constantly sharing my vision for every club in District 7 to be Presidents’ Distinguished. I have put it in writing. I tell everyone about it. I need your help to get us there. I need you sharing your Toastmasters success with your friends. I want you to achieve at least one educational award this year.

Most of all, I want you to create a vision of what your success looks like in Toastmasters this year. Share it with your club and ensure it is part of the Club Success Plan. Finally, create something that represents your vision and place it where you see it everyday to keep you focused and on track to accomplish your vision.