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Saturday, January 6th District 7 Area and Division Governors attended the Governors Workshop, “Focus on the Future,” at Frog Pond Church in Wilsonville. The schedule included Breakfast with Ryan Avery, Judges Update with Ellen Ino/Jim Robison, “Be Cool, Be You” with Allan Edinger, Succession Planning with Phyllis Harmon, and  Governors Round Table with Michelle Alba- Lim.

Ryan has visited dozens of clubs in many parts of the world. His advice to all of us: When someone visits our club, and especially when they join our club, don’t make it too complicated. Use his  AAO Formula. Ask the questions. Why are you here? What do you need? Acknowledge what they told you by repeating it back to them. Offer how your club can help. If we all remember to apply the AAO Formula to all our visitors we will convert them to members. If we regularly apply it to our own members we will retain them. Give it a try and let us know how it works for your club. Email pro@d7toastmasters.org

Chief Judge Ellen Ino, DTM and Deputy Chief Judge Jim Robison, DTM gave us a preview of the upcoming Judges Training that will take place at TLI on June 11th. If you have never been trained as a judge or it’s been awhile,  you will want to learn the latest rule changes from Toastmasters International. Being a trained judge is one way to support our contestants.

Past District Governor Allan Edinger, DTM stressed the importance of establishing good lines of communication. One would think Toastmasters wouldn’t need a reminder such as this, but that is not the case. If there is someone you need to communicate with regularly such as a club officer or governor ask them for the best time and  the preferred method. Less time will be wasted and you are more likely to receive a prompt response.

LGET Phyllis Harmon, DTM stressed the importance of identifying future leaders. Mentoring a prospective governor or club officer can ensure a smooth transition for the coming year. Being willing to serve as a mentor to the successor will provide the confidence for a new officer to do the job well.

Governors were given a number of scenarios involving clubs with  low membership and/or  lackluster performance. In group settings they identified problems and possible solutions. If your club is experiencing any of these issues be sure to contact your Area Governor.