Yes, you read that right…everyone needs a mentor! Someone you look up, someone you admire, and when it boils right down to it, someone who can help you along your path of self-improvement. 

Mentors are not just for the “newbie” Toastmaster. Consider that many advanced Toastmasters have mentors or coaches to help them achieve their goals. In fact, most would say their successes wouldn’t be possible without a good mentor. 

If you would like a mentor, you are in luck! Toastmasters is FULL of people who love to help and mentor others. 

To find the right Mentor for you, consider: 

1. What you need to know and who can learn it from? Who, in my club, area, division or district, has the experience I seek? 

2. Which Toastmaster’s style do I admire or wish to emulate? 

3. Who is in a position that I aspire to reach someday within my club, district or profession? 

4. Who do I feel a connected with? Who do I respect? Who is supportive?

 The answer to these questions is likely your mentor. Don’t be afraid to ask them to be your mentor. Regardless of your level and/or experience in Toastmasters, let them know you would like their help. More than likely, they will be flattered and eager to mentor you.

Once you’ve found a mentor, come up with a plan together on how they can help you. Sit down with them, let them know where you’re at and where you want to be. Set some goals. Use this helpful goal setting worksheet to help you plan them out. The path to your longest journeys in life starts with the first step. 

Remember, at any point in your life or your walk in Toastmasters, a Mentor can help. Sometimes you’ve achieved quite a bit but you need someone else to push you to that next level. 

If nothing else, it can never hurt to have another fan on your sidelines, cheering you on!