Earn rewards for early membership renewals!

6632A-GC15Renew 75% of your membership base* not later than September 21, and your club wins a $15 gift certificate. To qualify for the gift certificate, email LGM@d7toastmasters.org with a screenshot of the Toastmasters International website showing online payment confirmation for 75% (or more) of your membership base not later than 11:59 p.m. of September 21. Or, if you wish, simply wait for official district reports from TI to receive your reward.

SPEAK DVDThere’s more! Renew 100% of your membership base by this same date (September 21), and on top of the $15 gift certificate, your club will receive a copy of the SPEAK DVD, a powerful documentary about Toastmasters competing for the title of World Champion of Public Speaking.

Club Treasurers, start collecting and remitting dues now. Club Presidents and other officers, help your Club Treasurer by reminding members to bring their dues to your next club meeting. If you are not an officer, you can help by paying your dues early. Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today?

In addition to earning these cool rewards, timely payment of membership dues twice a year will earn your club one point in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). So hurry and start remitting your dues today!  Let’s rock D7!

* According to Toastmasters International “your club’s membership base is calculated at the beginning of the Toastmasters year (July 1). The membership base equals the number of paid members that the club had on June 30 of the previous Toastmasters year. These payments may come from renewing, new, charter, and reinstated members. Payment of membership-renewal dues received after July 1 of the previous Toastmasters year counts towards the membership base. Therefore, the membership base may be revised at any time during the year to reflect late membership payments for the previous Toastmasters year.” (Distinguished Club Program Handbook, p. 10)