2017 District 7 Humorous Speech Contest

Lorna Dobberstein - 1st place


Daniel Flood - 2nd place


Phil Westover - 3rd place


Gideon For-Mukwai


Kristopher Taylor


Jian Huang


Bob Leach


Lucy Kathren Bracket


2017 District 7 Table Topics Contest

Eric Winger - 1st place

Lisa Hutton - 2nd place

Kathleen Ritzman - 3rd place

Wes Murph

Stephen Binder

Ron Edson

Mark Gibson

Ken Smith

Miscellaneous Videos

90th Birthday Celebrations

Join District 7 in wishing Toastmasters a very happy 90th birthday.

Ryan Avery - Make It Matter

Watch Ryan Avery with his “Make it Matter” promo.

Thank You Phyllis!

Thank You to Phyllis Harmon, DTM – A song and dance.