Strive 2 Thrive D7 Club Coach Partnership Program

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Empowerment & Partnership

Give your struggling club the advantages that comes with Empowerment & Partnership.

Potential & Possibilities

Imagine what your club could be without limitations.

Unique Culture

Each club has it’s own unique culture. Build and promote your clubs strengths.

Sharing Resources

Sharing resources between clubs helps clubs to build a solid foundation.

Let us know if your club wants a coach OR you want to be a club coach


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Upcoming Meetings of Strive2Thrive Clubs

If you are interested in being a Club Coach, go visit any of the clubs and get inspired to help them grow.

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The C Suite concept can be used to accelerate your club’s growth. C Suite is a collection of proven techniques and processes to ensure maximum member benefits through continuous education and leadership activities. Club officers can use the tools listed to create a success plan that can enhance the club’s environment in which Members’ speeches / projects contribute to A) the club’s Distinguished performance by B) ensuring members’ growth from orientation to certification.