It is nominations time for the annual District 7 awards. Below is a description of each award. If you would like to nominate someone for one of these awards, for each award, please write the person’s name and a brief explanation of why you are nominating them.

Send your nominations to Scott Stevenson at

Deadline for submission is June 25, 2010.

Toastmaster of the Year: This person should have served the best interests of the membersof District 7 above and beyond the requirements of their position in District 7. This personshould have quantifiable results as a leader, is an inspiration to other in Toastmasters, andshould have accomplishments outside Toastmasters.

Division Governor of the Year: This person should have worked well with the Area Governors within the Division and with the District Officers. This person should have had successful speech contests. This Division Governor should be a positive, motivational force in the District.

Area Governor of the Year: This person should be a positive, motivating force in the Area and the District. This person should have had successful Area contests and quantifiable results in the Area in membership, educational accomplishments, dues paid, and Area visits to clubs.

Rookie of the Year: This person should be in the first year of activity at the District level and could be an Area Governor, committee chairperson, etc. This person is someone whose enthusiasm and energy is contagious.

Lou Webb Award: Named after the District 7 Telephone Coordinator, this award is for long-time service to the District. This person is an experienced advisor for District Officers, not for the glory but simply out of dedication to serving the District.

Herb C. Stude Educational Service Award: Named after Past District Governor, Herbert C. Stude, DTM. This award recognizes the person who has delivered the most educational service to District 7 members, whether through educational modules or educational sessions at District meetings and conferences. This person represents the teacher who gives to others, and motivates them to learn.